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Musicvideo with Sidechild soon on YouTube

I got an email from the producers of Sidechilds newest video. The video will soon be uploaded on Vimeo and YouTube. I´m the girl dancing on his right side on Sidechild – Behind the scenes music video making

Links to media

Caught on camera! Goa police seen selling drugs

Model unveils Goa cops, mafia nexus

Ask CBI to probe into Swedish model’s allegations, demands BJPFive cops arrested in Atala drug connection

Drug Nexus Six Goa Policemen Held For

Goa ‘drug cop’ suspended, denies allegations

Links to narcotics Six ; Six Goa policemen held maffia.

‘Goa policeman called Israeli drug dealers 400 times’

Over 200 kg charas missing from Goa police warehouse

White ants ‘ate’ 24 kg charas: Prosecution tells court

Israeli who exposed Police-Drug Peddler Nexus in Police Dragnet

6 Cops arrested for link with Drug mafia

Who Killed Scarlett Keeling?

Who Killed Scarlett? The most upsetting film I’ve seen in a long time

Fiona MacKeown: I know who killed Scarlett

Who killed Stephen Bennet?

Goan Police Covered Up My Brother’s Murder

We know who killed our Stephen in Goa says Gloucestershire family

Goa: Stephen Bennet case reopened

Stephen Bennett’s final phonecall

Goa: Stephen Bennet case reopened

Stephen Bennett’s final phonecall

Stupid girl song

Lucky – Stupid Girl
No video to this nice song yet. :(

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Va5ilich and Anna!

Va5ilich and Anna!

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