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A new article is out on The Locals by journalist Paul O’Mahony

You can read it here:

From GOA 365

As Goa police take it easy, Model Lucky Farmhouse is back in Sweden after spending a month in Mumbai

Desi girls in Mid Day and few links

  Desi girls in Mid Day

Press Trust India

Goa cops are ”hunting” me :D :D :D

…and I dancing in Bollywood :)


Still no sign of any police or Interpol. I have read in the news since months back that Goa police have problems  to find me. ”We have been trying to trace her [me]” and ”We have contacted interpol  to record her statement” etc…But noone ever have.  It´s very easy to get in contact with me. Specelly when they  know where I live, have my phonenumber, email etc…
I check my email almost every day and my phone is always on. Alisha Coelho who wrote the article in yesterdays Mid Day did not have any problems at all to get in contact with me. Noone else have  except the Goan Police.

Lucky has also played ‘extra’ in Bollywood

From Goa News Saturday 01 May 2010

Lucky has also played ‘extra’ in Bollywood


Four pages in the news.  :)
I have taken all the photos myself. An exclusive interview by Gali Ginatt for Maariv.