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As Goa police take it easy, Model Lucky Farmhouse is back in Sweden after spending a month in Mumbai

Desi girls in Mid Day and few links

  Desi girls in Mid Day

Press Trust India

Knock Out långfilm Bollywood

En dag i februari hamnade vi på ett gig i shoppingmallen VAMA i en stadsdel av Mumbai som var riktigt nice men sällan besöks av ”foreginers”. Det var flera som kom fram och frågade hur vi hittat dit och att de aldrig sett en foreigner där tidigare. – Ni måste bo i Colaba. Ja visst gör vi det.

I get my make up done.

More makeup.


Make up.


On set.

On set.

Another extra from Coloba.

On the set.

All the extras waiting.

Foreigners crossing the street in Mumbai after a gig as extras in the movie Knock Out.
The gig was in the shopping mall VAMA.

Scooty last Sunday

Me and David after a hot day in the sun.

Me in my costume for the day.

Our stylist for the day.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai – ND Studios.

Foreigners dressroom

Best friends.

Lovely Arezoo

Lunch break for me and Arzoo.

Back to studio after lunch break.

More extras.

Argentininian couple.

I have a new penfriend :)

Look what I got in my inbox today!
Goa Police have finally contact me :)

Thai Indian – Goa Police making no efforts to contact me
The Local – Indian Police seek Swedish Model

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Tulip Star Hotel location.

Premiere July 30!

It was partly filmed on Tulip Star Hotel in Juhu. Here’s some of the photos:

Me in a blue dress.

All the extras having fun.

More extras.

It’s Ajay Devgan in the mirror behind, getting instructions for next scen. :)

Line of Costumes. Norweigan man in his costume.

Two very nice danish girls.

Goa cops are ”hunting” me :D :D :D

…and I dancing in Bollywood :)


Still no sign of any police or Interpol. I have read in the news since months back that Goa police have problems  to find me. ”We have been trying to trace her [me]” and ”We have contacted interpol  to record her statement” etc…But noone ever have.  It´s very easy to get in contact with me. Specelly when they  know where I live, have my phonenumber, email etc…
I check my email almost every day and my phone is always on. Alisha Coelho who wrote the article in yesterdays Mid Day did not have any problems at all to get in contact with me. Noone else have  except the Goan Police.

Musicvideo with Sidechild soon on YouTube

I got an email from the producers of Sidechilds newest video. The video will soon be uploaded on Vimeo and YouTube. I´m the girl dancing on his right side on Sidechild – Behind the scenes music video making

Lucky has also played ‘extra’ in Bollywood

From Goa News Saturday 01 May 2010

Lucky has also played ‘extra’ in Bollywood

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